The different competences and university projects

During my different school years but also through the different personal but also academic and professional projects, I have acquired skills allowing me to produce and obtain complete projects that meet the client's requirements.

Skills acquired during my studies

Throughout my entire school career, I have been able to discover and use new skills and creative methods that have allowed me to become better at what I do.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of skills I possess but also to allow you to know my different assets when you call upon my services


Project Management

Photo shooting


Information intelligence

Search Engine Optimization

Websites creation

Digital communication

Projects created during my studies

Professionnal Memory

"How are companies coping, anticipating and responding to the current and future changes in the business world since the Big Data event?"

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Challenge de la veille 2020

As a group, we had to respond to Soprema's need to innovate using methods derived from nature (biomimicry) within the framework of a national monitoring competition.

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Mentoring project

At the time of a file carried out in progress, we carried out by group of 2 a monitoring file on the Orange telecom company in order to carry out an informational monitoring on the various aspects of the company.

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Paper on the theory of communication

I had to create a written work on information-communication theory applied to the field of graphic design

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Creation of an "Application for funding assistance" file

In the first year of DUT, I made a funding request for a trip to the city of Tours to accompany the second year students to the national monitoring competition 2019.

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Information watch paper

As part of a course, I realized 3 press panoramas on the digitization of physical documents using search techniques and document curation software.

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